VersaSpa Plano

Be Tan Dallas is proud to announce once a life time “True Unlimited” VersaSpa deal. We have very limited spots available at $39.99/Month . There is great possibility those limited spots will be filled in very short time. So be one of the luckiest and take advantage when you can and also share with friends. The full price will be $69/Month for same plan.

We Guarantee you will not find such a deal anywhere in Dallas and surrounding area. Do your research and we are sure you will come back and signup online. Just don’t take too long because it might not be here anymore. :)

Why VersaSpa?

  • FAST AND EASY|  Our voice automated system guides you through the treatment application in just minutes.
  • OPEN AIR DESIGN | Leaves you feeling relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire process.
  • TOTAL CUSTOMIZATION |  Offers multiple treatment options in a single session. NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.
  • COMFORT-DAY APPLICATION |  Full blow dry treatment after each session with no toweling off. Exit ready to re-dress.

Why Be Tan’s Unlimited Plan?

When the term “Unlimited” is used. It means there are no limits or restraints. At Be Tan we agree with this. Unlike other tanning salons that put boundaries on their “Unlimited” Plan. We simply Don’t. With our Unlimited VersaSpa Plan we provide the following. Make sure to compare apples to apples not apples to oranges.

  • VersaSpa Pro Solution | We only use VersaSpa Pro Solutions.
  • Skin Balancing Solution | Prep balancing solution is included in our Unlimited plan
  • Bronzer | Any level bronzer is included in our Unlimited plan. It is your choice what you pick at NO Extra Cost to you.
  • Moisturizing Solution| We also included moisturizing solution in our Unlimited plan at NO Extra Cost.
  • Sticky Feet | We use sticky feet to protect your feet.

No contract . Eft is required for this plan. EFT can be cancelled at any time no questions asked. We do require First and Last month in advance.